Breakfast at the Inn

Jim has been a gourmet chef now for more than 20 years, and he truly has a passion for food and culture. Even though, he had extensive training as an adult in the culinary arts, it was his early years in the kitchen with his Mom that inspired him to be a chef.

His Mom always put emphasis on simplicity, flavor, and fun. So he learned as a child, although gourmet food must be delicious, it can also be simple. This is the foundation of his recipes, and his creative approach to cooking.

It was in the kitchen where he first learned to appreciate the value of food, the value of family, and the value of sharing. So he invites you to share some new experiences at their inn, enjoy his simple and delicious food, and relax in their beautiful town.

Ana has been sharing time with Jim in the kitchen for many years, mostly as a spectator; however, Ana has always been a wonderful cook, epecially with her families’ Fillipino recipes. Fillipino fare has become one of Jim’s favorites; it is a fusion of asian and spanish cuisine, it is rich in history and it is bound by three hundred years of tradition.

In addition to the sharing of life, Jim’s wife Ana also now shares his passion for food; and, she has expanded her range of skills to include all of their guests favorite dishes.

Here are some of the treats that await you…

These are two of my favorite soups; of course, served chilled.

Souffle at Mount Dora Historic Inn Raspberry Stuffed French Toast at Mount Dora Historic Inn
Savory Three Cheese Souffle Raspberry Stuffed French Toast
Vanilla Bean Citrus Soup at Mount Dora Historic Inn Chilled Polynesian Soup at Mount Dora Historic Inn
Vanilla Bean Citrus Soup Polynesian Soup

221 East 4th Avenue, Mount Dora, FL 32757